Welcome To Davy.Rocks’ Dating Profile!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m looking for a woman to become friends with and work toward a long-term relationship.

My Characteristics

A good friend, fun and easy to get along with.
Romantic, loving, affectionate and expressive.
Joyful, funny, light-hearted, thankful and appreciative.
Very physically active and in tip-top shape.
I will make time for you and be there for you.
I’m faithful and devoted, honest and straightforward.
Motivated, positive, inspiring and living with passion and purpose in my life.
A lifelong learner, teachable, trainable and consistently gaining new accomplishments. Everyone is my teacher.
Flexible, not compromising. Adaptable but not malleable.

My Calling

Yes, that’s me.  I’m an entertainer. I sing and dance various genres of popular music including hip hop, rap, EDM (electronic dance music), Rock ‘n Roll and Alternative Rock. I’m pursuing my passion and living my dream so it would be great to find somebody who is supportive of my goals and I of theirs. I’m proud of what I do. I make people happy and bring them joy.

What I’m Looking For

I value open communication, honesty, transparency, faithfulness, affection, spiritual purpose and positivism. A good match works out regularly and loves it, has time for me, becomes my best friend, seeks the joy of having a close, meaningful relationship. You don’t have to do everything that I do, but it would be good if we have some interests in common.

Stuff I Do / Interests

Fitness / Workouts, strength training, cardio, stretching,  anything athletic, etc.
Music Genres: Rock, Top 40, EDM, alternative, hip hop / rap.
Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do, Gung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Jiujitsu, etc.
Travel: Road trips, warm water places with big waves, desert, mountains.
Technology: WordPress, Photoshop, Smart Phones.
Entertainment: dancing, movies, eating out, reading, singing, karaoke, love having new experiences and trying new things.
Or just staying at home and cuddling up on the couch with a movie, beer / wine, etc.
Lifestyle: healthy eating, preparing healthy/organic meals together, non-smoker.
Intimacy: lots of affection, caressing, cuddling and frequent intimacy.

Do Our Goals Match?

Let’s have lots of fun, merriment and mirth; but if that’s all you want maybe we can be just friends. Real relationships take work and time. Are you willing and able to calmly talk through the issues that inevitably come up in every relationship? That’s what it takes for us to achieve a deep and abiding connection. Do you really believe in monogamy? Will you cease online dating  if someday we mutually agree to be exclusive?

CONTACT ME  if you think we may be a match.  I will reply to all legit inquiries.

Thanks for reading and have a good day because any day where you draw breath and are vertical is a very good day!